When I tell people that I create video ads for a living, almost immediately they say, “oh, pop-ups?” or ,”oh those ads that play before videos on ifilm?” Usually some variation of that sort of comment. I realized that many people are confused about exactly what an online video ad is. So here is the run-down.

A video ad is basically a commercial or video that plays on a website for marketing or informational purposes. A video ad is just like a television commercial, except it’s on a website instead of on TV, and users generally choose to watch it to learn more about a business, its products, etc. In fact, many people call video ads ‘webmercials’.

The biggest benefit of a video ad is that it enables a business to deliver the most pertinent information and their product or service in less than 60 seconds. This makes video ads a very useful tool for businesses with complex products or services, or multiple products and/or services. A video ad also allows the business to sum up the key points of their company, and grab a viewer’s interest before the visitor is tempted to leave the website.

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